Most of the (well all of the) properties on Haven In Paris, a luxury holiday rental website, are out of my price range. But that doesn’t stop me from drooling over the apartments all the same. I really love the two bedrooms below. I would sleep soundly in either one. Both rooms are part of a lovely 3 bedroom apartment in the heart of the art and antique district in Paris. Ooh la la

haven in paris bedroom

haven in paris bedroom2

Well I bought some Schumacher fabric a couple of weeks ago and I am still deciding what I want to do with it. Currently I am trying it out on the bedhead. No real effort went in to this other than draping the fabric over the bedhead.

I am still waiting to find the right piece of art to hang over the bed so I guess I am looking for a little makeover fix in the meantime.

Hmmm, still not sure – It kind of feels a little grown up for me.



And here is the bed before my latest massive makeover. It took me hours to drape that fabric just right you know.


Does everyone love before and after shots as much as I do? Well I guess you would need to know how much I love before and after shots. A lot. Especially when the transformation didn’t involve major construction work.

Here are a couple of makeovers from Canadian House & Home -

Canadian house & home teenbedb4oc08

canadian house & home teenbedaftoc08

And here is the second Before and After

Canadian House & Home bedapr07b4

Canadian House & Home bedapr06aft


I was reading an article in the Guardian recently about three people who have each started up a design related company after being let go from their job. I guess we all like reading stories about people who manage to turn a situation around as it gives us hope and life doesn’t seem so scary. Don’t get me wrong – I know this is by no means easy and not an option for everyone but I still like hearing about such successes. One of the companies mentioned in the article was Anorak, who specialise in outdoor products such as travel, camping and gardening accessories.



Today I have fallen in love with Schumacher Fabrics all over again and found a new blog. Whilst innocently browsing the web I came across this most wonderful blog, Little Green Notebook run by the very talented interior designer Jenny Komenda.  You have to check out her daugther’s bedroom makeover. She recovered the headboards in super cool Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon, painted the side table, turned an old mirror into a funky hot pink framed chalkboard, created art for the walls, repainted an old lamp, revamped white bed linen, revamped a mirror, constructed pelmet boxes for the three windows and the list goes on …… Amazing and all doable!!!


and if that ain’t enough Jenny has just completed her office makeover.


After I stopped drooling over all the colours I searched the web for some Schumacher fabric and just purchased a metre and half of Hot House Flowers! Yippee.



While cruising the web I stumbled across this article from Better Homes and Gardens on how to maximise space in a small bedroom. Now I strongly disagree this is a small bedroom but I do agree with the tips to maximise space. So I thought I would share their wisdom with you.

First tip – choose furniture that allows you to see through to the floor. This gives the impression of more space.

bh bedroom2

Second Tip – Frosted glass on internal doors lets more light into the room and also lets you look beyond the room giving the impression of more depth. I am not a door closer but I like this idea. We would definitely benefit from this tip for the door that leads from our bright living room into the dark and scary hallway.

bh bedroom1

Third tip – Hanging fabric panels, or curtains to you and me, on the front of your wardrobe instead of doors to save on space. I like this one because I have a curtain over a storage closet in the space bedroom / office as there was no room for a door to open and close.

bh bedroom


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