My home

I know I don’t show much of my own home on this blog lately. I guess it is because I despise the pink walls and it doesn’t really feel like us. We are looking for another rental apartment and this time we will definitely make sure it ticks all the boxes before signing the dotted line.

Anyway here is what my bedside dresser looks like at present. I don’t think I have ever had fresh cut flowers in the bedroom before. Crazy right.


I was unsure about photo canvas prints when they first surfaced. Or digitally printed art onto canvas in general. However I do like what Trina from La La Lovely did to the photo canvas of her children.

D gave me this canvas print of my bros and I. Look at us! Wee little cherubs. Probably two seconds before and after this shot was taken there was probably crying (me most probably) and moaning (probably me again). Apparently I was a difficult child. My mum said if I was the first I would have been the last. 😦 Anyway my point is whether I should try something like Trina’s photo canvas or just leave it???

I have wanted this chair for so so so long and still can’t believe its sitting in my apartment.

And the best part – it was a bargain! I love second hand. Love love love it!!!

Introducing my new office chair – ta da!

Its a replica but it is by no means a cheap copy.

Blog – Well well well look who it is! Miss “I am too busy to blog”. 

Me – Ummm yes Blog it has been awhile but I am really sorry. I hope you can forgive me. 

Blog – Hmmph

Me – I have a new computer and a new blanket and a new painting and hopefully a new career path!

Blog – Oooh, yippee!! I mean…. whatever.


A glimpse at my new (first attempt in a long time) painting.

A lovely new blanket from my very generous mother.

And now more about my new career path. Well I have quit the 9 to 5er and started designing patterns for what I hope is the first of many fabric collections that we will produce locally.

Its all very exciting but also a little scary as I have always worked for someone else and in a completely different industry.

But I am sick of dreaming about my ideal life so I am just going to give it a go.

I hope you stick around to see my journey into the unknown.

Hi All – I am sorry for not posting for the past week. My routine is all over the place at the moment. Well that will all change next week when I start my new job! Eek! And D starts his new new job next week too.

So once the money starts rolling in we can finally start decorating our new gaff. Yippee!

Today I decided to start a mood board for the living room. Its still a work in progress but liking it so far.

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