Better late than never I say.

My mum wanted to keep the christmas table simple this year as she thinks no one really takes any notice of her fancy table settings. Not true but we usually knock something over and break it despite all being quite grown up now. Our clumsy gene seems to increase when we are all together. We all claim to have not broken a thing all year and then we get together and its almost like we are competing for the clumsy award.

So here it is – white and silver.

See the glass reindeers – I broke the antler off one of them last year but managed to super glue it back together before dinner.

I would be happy with just one present for christmas but if you need to buy me a small present I would like this phone case.

Buy here.

I recently stumbled upon this store and fell in love with their christmas collection. Please click through to their site, you won’t be disappointed. Formality at The Cowshed is located in Glasthule in County Dublin.

Advent Moose Head – 30 euro

Ceramic Robin – 4 euro

Wooden Penguins (Awww) – 7 euro

Swedish Linen Table Runner – 30 euro

Here is a little peak at my christmas tree and the fake christmas presents. Yes thats right everyone, I have not started or even thought about my christmas gifts. However I did manage to at least send my Australian christmas cards on time (last day) this year. I was so chuffed with myself that I became very blase about the whole christmas to do list. Well at least I look organised and thats half the battle really.

Actually I made those paper snowflakes. I know you all probably thought they were shop bought but no I made them. Really is there no end to my talent.

And here is what the christmas tree will look like when I come home from the next christmas do.

OK christmas is about giving and maybe a little bit about receiving so I have decided to do both in this post. Giving a little love to a couple of local online retailers whilst also dropping subtle hints to my secret santa. Our budget for the secret santa present is 50 euro so I am keeping within that range.

first up Mabel & Voilet

!. Grey Velvet Comestic Purse – €25.95 2. Ivory Frilly Umbrella – €18.95 3. Chrome Desk Lamp – (on sale!) – €18.98 4. A Set of two Market Prints framed – €44.95

Next up is Garrendenny Lane

1. Black & Blum Desk Tidy – €28.00 2. Lantern – €45.00 3. Bon Bon Dish (in front of the candle holders) – €47.00 4. Black & Blum Chrome Loop Candlesticks – €23.00

OK I am over my little upset from last friday and I am making friends with Christmas again. So much so I even have my Christmas tree sitting next to me waiting for some fairy lights and disco balls. Photos will follow in the next day or two. I am also thinking about hanging a wreath on our door even though we are in the end apartment and no one actually walks past our door. I like the idea of making my own like the one below.

DIY Christmas Wreath
To make a wreath that really lasts, raid the wrapping-paper stash and search for offcuts in the sewing basket. Cut them into squares and layer them onto a cardboard ring to create a bright, bohemian, mini masterpiece. Decorating Tip: Finish it all off by adorning your handmade wreath with details such as bird cut-outs and buttons. They add a charming touch.

Instructions and pics from

I will warn you all now, I am very grumpy today. My head is spinning, the screen is too bright, the tapping of keys is hurting and I am blaming it all on Christmas! I had my first christmas do last night. Oh it was all fun and games last night but not today, noooo not today. And of all nights I am hosting a girly whirly – ooh my head is hurting – dinner party tonight. Bloody christmas smistmas. I just want to curl up on this armchair with a nice cup of tea, maybe some cake (not christmas cake – i hate christmas cake) and open all those presents under the tree because my head hurts and I need presents to make the pain go away.

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