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This Monday has been a mixed bag of emotions. We received some bad news today but we are going to send out good vibes instead of letting it get us down.

We also spent some time in the studio trying out new designs. See below

Then headed home to cook some feel good food. A prawn and pea risotto with fresh mint and basil. Yum! I sort of followed this recipe.

I hope you all had a wonderful Monday.

Yay for Friday!

I tried a new colour combo today – Blue on Hot Pink. Way back when I wanted to try this colour combo but never did. I think it works.

Then I spent some time with my sewing machine but now its knock off time. Have a good weekend people they only come around once a week.

I am not feeling that well today. In fact I think I am coming down with the flu which will be the first flu in about five years!

Super new business cards – I would love some Black cards with neon pink edges.

This sofa from Jardan  –

And these super cool boots from The Horse

Don’t they all go well together.

We had a lovely long weekend here despite the horrible weather. We had a productive day at print club, had an amazing roast dinner with a friend and her family and then did nothing at all on Monday. In fact someone who shall remain nameless didn’t even get out of their pjs!

Here is what D printed. He also printed this two colour print on the most amazing grey coloured T in both men and women sizes. Cant wait to get this T uploaded to our shop.

And here is what I printed.

Today I want to call on you to share the love and in return I will give you a little love back. Now before this gets weird let me tell you what I mean.

We want to get the word out about our new Design By Kico textiles and celebrate securing a stall at the Dreamers Market (1st Sept) with a GIVEAWAY for you and a friend.

Our little range is starting to come together and has even grabbed the attention of some people in da biz! This is very exciting and we are so happy with the response so far. Long may it continue.

Here are the details of the GIVEAWAY –

To be in with a chance to win one of our cushion covers all you have to do is become a fan (or be a current fan) of our

DESIGN BY KICO Facebook page.

Now to increase your chances spread the word amongst your friends. If they become a fan and leave a comment ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE with your name as the referrer you will go in the draw AGAIN attached to their entry! So if their name is drawn you win too! Yay!

We will draw the winner/winners at COB on 11th June 2012.

Well normally I am slow moving on a Monday but today I was a machine! Sewing cushions, posting orders, talking to potential stockists, looking for a new apartment, then washed and vacuumed my very very dirty car and now about to make dinner.

I have also been thinking about whether to just run shop updates / offers etc on our Facebook page only or to mention them here as well??? Its hard to work out what to post where since starting a Facebook page, a Pinterest page and instragram plus posting here. Its all very confusing.

The days seem to be getting away from me lately. I think it might have something to do with my new sewing machine. Over the weekend I made this cushion cover using our new pattern – Wobbly drop (I really need to come up with a better name). The ink we used is the most stunning grey and almost looks silver in certain light.

I am so in love with this new cushion that I had to decorate a whole room around it using furniture from Coco Republic and a painting from A Little Painter.

The sun is out after what feels like a years worth of rain in just two days. Man when it rains in Australia it rains!

Anyway its Friday evening and we have blue skies and I am super happy with the colour combos I tried out today.

The first rule of print club is …

Oh damn it I think I just broke the first rule of Print Club.

On Saturday D and I went to Print Club at Arcade Screen Printing. It was lots of fun printing with a few other screen printers even if it was a little chaotic at times.

Here is what D managed to print.

I picked up a new squeegee today and printed using my new secondhand super duper big screen.

I have been dying to print the wobbly drops over a larger area as you can make out triangles and diamonds within the pattern  at this scale.

Here it is still drying – who knew watching fabric paint dry could be so much fun!

Also our tickets arrived for the Peter Hook’s Closer – A Joy Division celebration gig.

It has been a good Monday.

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