I was unsure about photo canvas prints when they first surfaced. Or digitally printed art onto canvas in general. However I do like what Trina from La La Lovely did to the photo canvas of her children.

D gave me this canvas print of my bros and I. Look at us! Wee little cherubs. Probably two seconds before and after this shot was taken there was probably crying (me most probably) and moaning (probably me again). Apparently I was a difficult child. My mum said if I was the first I would have been the last. 😦 Anyway my point is whether I should try something like Trina’s photo canvas or just leave it???

The three rooms below are my favourites from Sanna Lindberg’s portfolio.

Each have a slightly different style but all have one thing in common. They are stunning!

First up is this gorgeous dining room with an equally lovely living room in the background.

Second on the list is this very cosy bedroom. I want that headboard.

Finally is this sleek office. Oh to have that much space dedicated to a home office.

Thanks to Solid Frog for the introduction.

My mind has been so cluttered lately that I am finding it hard to focus. Hence the lack of posts around here. I need to go somewhere quiet and far away to get some sort of plan together.

I think thats why I am so attracted to Chris Sisarich’s photos of New Zealand. Also they remind me of Ireland and the many road trips I went on with some good buddies that I miss. A lot.

Spotted via Veda House Blog

Not much to say about the spaces below except I like their simplicity and art.

1. Toby Scott (spotted first on Daily Imprint) 2. I forgot to save the link so if you know please send it on.

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