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I can’t wait for the day when we have a house with yard so we can build a little retreat like the one below. Somehow after doing our taxes this week I think this might be our house! Maybe we could build four of them in a row – one for the bedroom, one for the living area, one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom.

Full building instructions here.


From memory I am not a good knitter but I just love the idea of knitting my own Hudson Bay blanket. Maybe I might email this tutorial to my mum and suggest it would be the perfect way to spend time on her long haul flight at the end of this month. 🙂 Do they allow you to travel with knitting needles in your onboard luggage???

Anyway back to the tutorial. Click here for the full details.

I love Ikea hacks and Angie’s George Nelson inspired jewellery cabinet is fab. I remember seeing this awhile back and forgot to save the details but not this time. Thanks to Beach Bungalow 8 for the reminder.

Now this is the original which if I had won lotto last night I would run and buy asap but sadly I did not. Damn you lotto gods!

And here is Angie’s Ikea hack which is more in my price range.

And if someone was to make this for my birthday which is coming up in a couple of months (giving you plenty of time) I would think it was the best present ever!

OK I am over my little upset from last friday and I am making friends with Christmas again. So much so I even have my Christmas tree sitting next to me waiting for some fairy lights and disco balls. Photos will follow in the next day or two. I am also thinking about hanging a wreath on our door even though we are in the end apartment and no one actually walks past our door. I like the idea of making my own like the one below.

DIY Christmas Wreath
To make a wreath that really lasts, raid the wrapping-paper stash and search for offcuts in the sewing basket. Cut them into squares and layer them onto a cardboard ring to create a bright, bohemian, mini masterpiece. Decorating Tip: Finish it all off by adorning your handmade wreath with details such as bird cut-outs and buttons. They add a charming touch.

Instructions and pics from

This is definitely on my wish list. A do it yourself letterpress machine! Fan – bloody – tastic! Well it looks fantastic and so easy. If I had one of these babies I would never have to buy another card again! The Lifestyle Crafts Letterpress Combo Kit costs – US $149.99. But there is one snag – they only ship to the US and Canada at present. Maybe someone will bring them in for us deprived Europeans.


Spotted via another great find – IDIY blog

Plastolux has a few DIY projects and hacks on his blog but this one is my favourite. A DIY Saarinen side table made from a pair of Bose speaker stands and a round piece of wood. Genius! Click here to check out the how to.




Foodie Friday may or may not become a regular thing. I certainly hope it does and I am trying to convince one of my good friends – who is an absolute star in the kitchen – to write a post once a week for Design Heaven. She makes one of the best Thai Curries this side of the equator.

I love food, especially when it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling for hours after. I usually find this feeling follows food that is made with fresh wholesome produce and minus the crap you find in most packaged food these days.

SO am I a happy camper that D loves making this bread recipe we found on You Tube. No Knead Bread is so simple you will wonder why you ever bothered with shop bread.

HomeMadeBread 2

HomeMadeBread 1 V2

One thing I love about the blogging community is the generosity shown by some bloggers and artists. It amazes me the way some very talented individuals take the time to show you how to create a wonderful masterpiece all of your own.

Knowledge is power and some people don’t always have access to knowledge for several reasons. Lack of education, nationality, location, family commitments, money are just a few reasons. So its great to see people giving up some of their knowledge for all to access. Well those with access to computers and the internet. I am hoping those people who don’t have computers have access through public libraries.

Anyway here is a link to How to print your own fabric from Kelly & Olive.


Last night I decided instead of watching crap TV I would make something on my new sewing machine. Well I did a quick search on the web and found a tutorial on how to make a half arpon. And the result ….

I love it! and I know exactly who I am going to give it to.

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