I use to be a big fan of open plan but now I’m not so much. Its great for entertaining but not when you are trying to watch the TV and the other is cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Annoying I know! Its a hard life.

That said I do I love how this first kitchen is almost hidden.

And I just like this second kitchen because its cosy and moody. Makes having a open plan home a little easier to cope with.

Kitchen One from here. Kitchen Two from here.

This is such a happy and bright eating nook.

I would love to start my day off by eating a wholesome and hearty breakfast here.

More pics of this lovely bright home here.

Feeling much better today, I think I just had the 24 hour man flu.

So…. anyway kitchen splash backs, what are they all about? Well I can tell you white subway tiles are not your only option (even though I still like white subway tiles).

Here are two kitchens from the TV reno show The Block.

The brothers went with a mirrored splash back and a wooden ceiling. I like the look of a mirrored splash back but not sure I would happy about the maintenance or catching glimpses of myself while tucking into the leftovers.

Dale and Sophie went with a metal splash back and an exposed brick wall above the cabinets. A killer combo in my opinion.

Pics from Freedom website.

I want this kitchen!

This is the work of Matt Woods, a local Sydney designer.

I love the styling for Love Mae’s Pantry labels. And the labels are pretty cool as well.

There is also a competition to win the labels over on their website. So pop over asap.

Spotted over on Daydeam Lily

Now I am more of a tea person but Nespresso coffee and the DeLonghi machine below could potentially turn me in to a crazed coffee addict. It’s seriously the best coffee I have ever tasted.

Do you think its wise to buy a coffee machine that might turn me from a one coffee per week person into a two coffee a day person?

Hmmm, maybe I will just keep popping into the Nespresso store for free tasting under the pretense I am in the market for a coffee machine.

From New York city to a sweet little cottage in Sweden.

I am so digging the raw look of the wooden floor boards. Much easier to look after than white floor boards.

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