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In most houses the space underneath the stairs is used for storage or a guest bathroom. But what if the stairs are in the living areas and not in the hallway?

I really like the idea of using that area for your entertainment system.

or maybe a kitchen?

images for Designsponge

Well this house has been keeping me awake at night. I went back for a second viewing today in the hope I would be able to let it go. The house is three times bigger than anything else I have looked at. And even though this house needs a lot of work done to it before you could move in – I would love the opportunity. But the banks will only give you money for renovations after you have completed the work. And that is not guaranteed even if you managed to raise the money.

Oh what I would do to this house. I had so many plans. Anyway time to move on. Bye my victorian heartbreaker.

Below are the four bedrooms upstairs – bottom right is the one I wanted to convert into a large bathroom with a fireplace.

And some shots of the stairs and the existing bathroom which could be turned into a small office if you were to move the bathroom.

I have been house hunting again. The property prices are finally getting back to an acceptable level. Man – house prices were out of control in the last few years!!

Anyway I am getting off the point of this post. Its about stairs for small spaces. I have been looking at houses that have the potential to add more space – either through adding on (much much further down the track) or going up into the attic. So I have been thinking about stairs alot lately – hence the pics below.

Pics from Designfiles, Tafarkitektkonkor and Apartment Therapy

I am not sure how I feel about spiral staircases. They are fine on the way up its just on the way down I feel a little uneasy. Maybe that passes with time. And I have to say there are some lovely ornate cast iron spiral staircases about. I guess if you don’t have the space for a full staircase this is one of the prettier options.

The above images are from Cottage Craft Spirals – a UK company who specialise in Cast Iron Spiral Stairs.

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