This Monday has been a mixed bag of emotions. We received some bad news today but we are going to send out good vibes instead of letting it get us down.

We also spent some time in the studio trying out new designs. See below

Then headed home to cook some feel good food. A prawn and pea risotto with fresh mint and basil. Yum! I sort of followed this recipe.

I hope you all had a wonderful Monday.

Happy Friday everyone! Its officially the weekend here so I am relaxing with a chilled glass of white wine. We are taking it easy this weekend as we are off to Thailand on Tuesday! I can’t believe it has come around so quickly. So exciting.

Here is what I made today.

It has been awhile since I have posted a foodie friday recipe but I was researching some raw food recipes today and found this one below.

This recipe is so simple and looks so so yummy.

The major tips can be summed up as:

• Peel your bananas first.
• Cut them into small pieces.
• Freeze for just 1-2 hours on a plate.
• Blend, blend, blend – scraping down the bowl when they stick.

Thanks to The Kitchn for the sharing this recipe.

Yesterday I had cereal for lunch. Today I put some effort in to it and made myself a lovely prawn and avocado salad with fennel and fresh mint. Then I decided to follow that with a dollop of yoghurt, half a banana, handful of blueberries and some sunflower seeds sprinkled on top for extra goodness.

I am also trying to learn how to use photoshop to jazz up my blog pics. Here is my first attempt. Look at that drop shadow people!

I find it so strange how every Friday you are so full of joy and expectation for the wonderful weekend ahead.

Then Sunday evening comes along and fills you with regret that you did nothing you said you were going to do.

Well I plan on eating this –

and drinking some of this –

I wish you all a happy and guilt free weekend.


This is my third attempt over the past few weeks at cooking soft boiled eggs and failing big time.

The strange thing is I use to be able to make soft boiled eggs and for some reason I have forgotten my method. Weird.

So I have followed other people’s methods and failed.

We don’t have any eggs cups so I had to make my own using the egg carton. 😦

My trusty iphone was beside me all the way.

And then I ate them in anger because I failed once again! I think its back to scrambled eggs for me.

Well I’m back from my little trip away. D and I headed down to the bottom of Ireland for some b&bing / camping. I went for my first real swim in the ocean since arriving in Ireland.  Wow! it was cold but I managed to stay in for about 20 minutes. Below is a pic of our first evening in a little hamlet in West Cork. If you are ever visiting West Cork I highly recommend O’Sullivans in Crookhaven for the best open crab sandwich in the world! In the world people! And I didn’t even take a photo of it because somethings should just be enjoyed without taking a photo of it. 🙂 Plus I scoffed most of it before thinking maybe I should have taken a photo. But I did take a photo of our drinks to send to friends to make them jealous.

Have you ever wished you had something to carry your 36 cupcakes in? Well today is your lucky day.

I present the cupcake carrier from The Cupcake Courier. I find it so strange such a thing exists but considering how popular cupcakes are these days I guess its not that strange. Thanks Sharnel for the heads up.

Personally I don’t need one as I have a built in cupcake carrier. Its called my stomach!

Happy Friday everyone! I love how on a sunny day in Ireland you feel like its the start of your holidays, especially on a  Friday. They are so far and few between here. So to celebrate I am having a party in my garden. Well I don’t really have a garden but when I do I want a spread like this from Eat Drink Chic’s wedding.

Its Friday people! Finally. I am always on the look out for local cafes with decent choices on their menus instead of the usual crappy stuff. (Bread with some more bread on top) Well Juniors Cafe is not exactly close to where I live but I am willing to travel as their brunch menu looks yummy. And its kind of halfway between my place and my good friend J’s, who also likes good food choices.

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