That would be me. Sorry I have been missing all week and now I am only here to say I won’t be in tomorrow either. Yep, I am off to the Hunter Valley for some tasty tasty wine tasting.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will be back next week with daily posts. I promise. Unless I get lost in a wine cellar.

Pic from here.

I spotted this rug over on Will’s blog Bright Bazaar which then lead to trawling the Heal’s website.

To make it easier on myself (and you) I decided to narrow down my wish list to the lounge area.

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is finally here and I am so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning.

Today I am mostly liking this drinks area –

from Womans Day (via ??? I have forgotten where I first spotted this pic, sorry)

Sharon’s NY pad is droolicious. Now I don’t use that word ever but that is exactly how I feel about this apartment. The walls and cabinetry are painted in the most perfect grey I have ever seen! The bathroom tiles are so sparkly and glamorous. And don’t get me started about the exposed brickwork and high ceilings. O Perfect Apartment, I would give up my dream of a garden for you!

Thanks AT for another wonderful house tour.

In most houses the space underneath the stairs is used for storage or a guest bathroom. But what if the stairs are in the living areas and not in the hallway?

I really like the idea of using that area for your entertainment system.

or maybe a kitchen?

images for Designsponge

I love this guy’s work.

Scott Weston sure knows how to make the most out of small spaces and he is certainly not afraid of colour.

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