Sharon’s NY pad is droolicious. Now I don’t use that word ever but that is exactly how I feel about this apartment. The walls and cabinetry are painted in the most perfect grey I have ever seen! The bathroom tiles are so sparkly and glamorous. And don’t get me started about the exposed brickwork and high ceilings. O Perfect Apartment, I would give up my dream of a garden for you!

Thanks AT for another wonderful house tour.


In most houses the space underneath the stairs is used for storage or a guest bathroom. But what if the stairs are in the living areas and not in the hallway?

I really like the idea of using that area for your entertainment system.

or maybe a kitchen?

images for Designsponge

I love this guy’s work.

Scott Weston sure knows how to make the most out of small spaces and he is certainly not afraid of colour.

Just lovely pics of dark doors and more from Canadian House & Home.

and the more bit

I love Ikea hacks and Angie’s George Nelson inspired jewellery cabinet is fab. I remember seeing this awhile back and forgot to save the details but not this time. Thanks to Beach Bungalow 8 for the reminder.

Now this is the original which if I had won lotto last night I would run and buy asap but sadly I did not. Damn you lotto gods!

And here is Angie’s Ikea hack which is more in my price range.

And if someone was to make this for my birthday which is coming up in a couple of months (giving you plenty of time) I would think it was the best present ever!

I need some pretty pictures today as I had a sucky weekend.

My future shop

My future art

One day I am going to attempt my version of this framed art.

And shame on me as I don’t remember where I sourced this pic from! Please send on details if you do.

And I love this work area.

First pic from hotel-aire-de-bardenas

Last pic via lardulcilar.blogspot

When I was little I never really liked pink. I had three older brothers and probably thought it was uncool.  So I find it weird that I actually really want this pink Princess! phone??? Maybe my inner pink princess has been waiting for the right moment to voice her demands.


And now for something completely different yet compliments my pink phone perfectly is this shelving.


and I definitely need (well want) a ceramic kitchen tidy in the shape of an apple or pear..


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