Retro / Vintage

I find black and white interiors hard to resist although I know before too long I would add some colourful cushions and art.

Pics from here


This bedroom has me rethinking our pending bedroom makeover.

Pic via here.

I am drooling over this wall hanging and ottoman today.

The pattern, Pythagoras was designed by Sven Markelius in 1952.

Pic 1 from here. Pic 2 from here.

The three rooms below are my favourites from Sanna Lindberg’s portfolio.

Each have a slightly different style but all have one thing in common. They are stunning!

First up is this gorgeous dining room with an equally lovely living room in the background.

Second on the list is this very cosy bedroom. I want that headboard.

Finally is this sleek office. Oh to have that much space dedicated to a home office.

Thanks to Solid Frog for the introduction.

I want this kitchen!

This is the work of Matt Woods, a local Sydney designer.

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