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I love wandering the streets of Balmain ooogling all the charming houses.

The area was quite rough and ready back in the day. Small cottages were built to provide cheap housing for the people who worked on the docks.

But now those same small cottages are commanding some big dollars.

Pics from

We only have 4 weeks left before we hop on the plane to Oz. I can’t believe how fast the last few weeks have flown by.

Now we just have to get jobs and find a new home. We have pretty much decided we need to have an outdoor area to take full advantage of the weather plus be close to the beach. This place looks divine and ticks both of those boxes. Apparently its the old servant’s quarters of the Star and Garner Hotel.

Its Monday people and we need pretty pictures of beautiful houses to get us through such a depressing day. Just look at this stunning house in France! And its on the market for 250,ooo euro!

I love the idea of building my own home but then again modular homes are also just as appealing when they look like this! A-Cero are behind this sexy glossy black modular home. The price is very appealing too – approx price for a 84 square metres is €69000 or €85000 if you want fittings and decoration included.

I find the best way to cope with a three-day weekend coming to a close is to start daydreaming about an alternative life. A few days ago I heard the price of nuts is on the rise which got me thinking of owning a nut farm. It’s amazing how one bit of information can lead you in a particular direction. So today over my morning cup of tea I did a search for nut farms for sale in Australia. Here is what I found –

A 25 acre macadamia farm and residence for sale. Located in Valla NSW Australia within a few minutes drive to the beach! And also not that far from my mum and brother who moved to Bellingen a few years ago. The house is a large, spacious four bedroom residence with a macadamia plantation.

Anyone what to invest in my nut farm?

Here is some blurb from the site –

Spacious split level mud brick and timber residence. The house and garden area is 2 acres and is situated on the edge of a rainforest area of 8 acres. Bird life is prolific and flora and fauna abundant.

The Lounge room is light and airy with a stained glass feature window and a large distinctive and very efficient fireplace.
Open plan living with slate flooring throughout the lower rooms with exposed beams and cathedral ceilings.
Large practical kitchen with extensive stainless steel bench tops, and a commercial Blanco stainless steel gas oven with 5 burners. Adjoining is a deep walk in pantry and an auxiliary room which comfortably accommodates full height double refrigerator/freezer combination, plus cupboards and shelving.

The formal dining room with feature stained glass door leads onto the verandah and garden area.
The extensive Family Room is divided from the kitchen by a large breakfast bar and has double French doors opening onto a verandah, the garden and the rainforest area.

The upper levels of the home are carpeted throughout with 4 – 5 spacious bedrooms. Main bedroom has an ensuite and walk in robe with French doors leading to garden.

The plantation comprises of 1100 macadamia trees of several varieties. All trees are mature and giving good crop yields. This commercial macadamia plantation has great potential for further development and represents excellent value at the price listed .
Shed with full macadamia nut processing gear.

WARNING – No good will come of this unless you’re ready to move overseas!

A close friend is looking to buy a house in Dublin and has been for years now. Usually after a few viewings she finds herself a little less enthusiastic for a variety of reasons. So to torture herself more she decided to fantasize about buying real estate in New Zealand. She asked me where might be nice to set up her new fantasy life. Well I have never been to New Zealand so I suggested Hawkes Bay because I liked the name. We had a look at the houses on offer and found this little 1920s cottage by the sea. Now I want to move to Hawkes Bay!

You can see the sea whilst washing the dishes! Plus you have a separate one bedroom self-contained accommodation for your visitors!

This house reminds of the run down property I considered buying last year. Well this is how I imagined the house would look after a lot of sweat and tears (and lots of money). The property below is located in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia. I never thought I would like indoor grecian columns but it works here.

A few years back I met someone who said they had grecian columns either side of their bed! I secretly thought he should keep that sort of information to himself if he ever wanted to get jiggy with da ladeez. Now it looks like he was a trend setter.

Pics from here. Spotted via Roseland Greene.

Well this house has been keeping me awake at night. I went back for a second viewing today in the hope I would be able to let it go. The house is three times bigger than anything else I have looked at. And even though this house needs a lot of work done to it before you could move in – I would love the opportunity. But the banks will only give you money for renovations after you have completed the work. And that is not guaranteed even if you managed to raise the money.

Oh what I would do to this house. I had so many plans. Anyway time to move on. Bye my victorian heartbreaker.

Below are the four bedrooms upstairs – bottom right is the one I wanted to convert into a large bathroom with a fireplace.

And some shots of the stairs and the existing bathroom which could be turned into a small office if you were to move the bathroom.

I was house hunting on the weekend and I found the most wonderful house – well wonderful in my head after all the renovations. The layout was great, the rooms were a decent size, the garden was big enough to entertain in – the only downside – the house is in need of a complete overhaul and loads of money. But that did not stop me daydreaming about it all weekend and what I could do if I had a secret stash of money. One of my fantasy renovations would be turning one of the bedrooms into a decent size bathroom with a cast iron fireplace!


Oh to have a free standing shower as well! Plus I want these tiles


bathroom pics from AT and Livingetc. Tiles from Ann Sacks.

A friend just sent me a link to this house and I fell instantly in love with the interior. Oh and the house is lovely too. Here is what I love about this house and the interior design. I love the subway tiles in the bathroom and the bathroom has a window (I really want a bathroom with a window – not too much to ask for is it?). I love the walled garden. I love their furniture and lighting – the owners are in the movie biz and their furniture is a collection of movie props!. I love the dining room – loads of natural light and they have a dining room (I really want a dining room separate from the living room). I love the paint colour on the walls in the main bedroom, the fireplace, the light wooden floors and the french doors! They tell you to ignore the decor when buying a house because its the easiest thing to change but seriously their decor is too beautiful to ignore or change! Its a little over my budget but definitely worth filing for future inspiration.

Oh and I really want that jewellery stand too. I believe its from Ikea and I would almost travel all the way to Belfast just to pick one up!

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