A fireplace in the bathroom

I was house hunting on the weekend and I found the most wonderful house – well wonderful in my head after all the renovations. The layout was great, the rooms were a decent size, the garden was big enough to entertain in – the only downside – the house is in need of a complete overhaul and loads of money. But that did not stop me daydreaming about it all weekend and what I could do if I had a secret stash of money. One of my fantasy renovations would be turning one of the bedrooms into a decent size bathroom with a cast iron fireplace!


Oh to have a free standing shower as well! Plus I want these tiles


bathroom pics from AT and Livingetc. Tiles from Ann Sacks.

  1. Lorna said:

    Me too – would love a bath with a fireplace, although I had a couple of bedrooms with original fireplaces, never had a bathroom with one. Will it ever happen, I wonder?!

  2. Lynne said:

    I especially love the bathroom with the green in it. I’m lucky enough to have fireplaces in every room – except the bathroom! Makes a home quite draughty, though. I think I am sentenced to a life of tiny bathrooms though!

  3. M said:

    Hi Lorna – it is a bit of pipe dream for me too but where would we be if we didn’t have dreams.

    Hi Lynne – welcome. I actually didn’t think about drafts from fireplaces. That would be a problem. And i know what you mean about small bathrooms but I would give anything to have a window in my current bathroom. I miss having natural light in the bathroom.

  4. Lorna said:

    Can block up fireplaces though if not using them for gas or open fires – cuts down on the draughts.
    Know what you mean re natural light in bathrooms – the advantage of old houses is that they tend to have large windows as they were previously used as bedrooms.

  5. Hello from Vancouver!
    Love the top bathroom. If I had a fireplace in our bathroom, I would never leave it! We’re pondering a reno or two in our house….so hard to narrow down.

    • M said:

      Welcome Janis – I have always wanted to visit Vancouver – hopefully one day soon I will. And with you on melbourne even though i am a sydney girl. Melbourne is way cooler! Sorry sydneyites.

  6. Do visit Vancouver! Sydney is stunning, but Melbourne is my second home. We hope to visit Sydney when we’re in Victoria in November.

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