House Tour: The Alma House

This house reminds of the run down property I considered buying last year. Well this is how I imagined the house would look after a lot of sweat and tears (and lots of money). The property below is located in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia. I never thought I would like indoor grecian columns but it works here.

A few years back I met someone who said they had grecian columns either side of their bed! I secretly thought he should keep that sort of information to himself if he ever wanted to get jiggy with da ladeez. Now it looks like he was a trend setter.

Pics from here. Spotted via Roseland Greene.

  1. Lorna said:

    Ooh, wow. and yes, I remember that house too, I wonder how much it sold for in the end and if it has been renovated yet. Another one will come along πŸ™‚

  2. elaine said:

    “Would you like to see my grecian columns ”
    is certainly a more interesting take on the proverbial ‘etchings’

  3. M said:

    lorna – i think it went for around 280K and there has been no work carried out on it as yet. I pass it everyday on the way home from work. Such a shame but maybe the new owners have been hit by the recession. 😦

    Elaine – I don’t think this guy was aware of how cheesy he was so maybe he used that line as well.

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