That would be me. Sorry I have been missing all week and now I am only here to say I won’t be in tomorrow either. Yep, I am off to the Hunter Valley for some tasty tasty wine tasting.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will be back next week with daily posts. I promise. Unless I get lost in a wine cellar.

Pic from here.

I think it’s the Monday blues but I wish we were back in Thailand. D’s parents just rec’d our postcard that we posted while on holiday in Thailand FIVE months ago! I will never complain about Australia Post again. 🙂


My mind has been so cluttered lately that I am finding it hard to focus. Hence the lack of posts around here. I need to go somewhere quiet and far away to get some sort of plan together.

I think thats why I am so attracted to Chris Sisarich’s photos of New Zealand. Also they remind me of Ireland and the many road trips I went on with some good buddies that I miss. A lot.

Spotted via Veda House Blog

…..this is where I will be blogging from in between swims and cocktails for the next ten days.

Its our little villa (and pool) in Thailand.

Half our travelling party are already there and sent this pic via text message.

And the funny thing is I have never been so broke so I guess there will be a lot of sitting by the pool.

We are off to Thailand! Yay! Well not until mid January but I am so looking forward to it. My friend is organising the accommodation so not sure where we are staying but I will pretend it is the place below.

And just look at the beautiful beaches.

Pic 1 –here

We are currently staying in the hills of Bellingen. A beautiful spot but with lots and lots of crawly things.

Here are some pics of my mum’s place to give you a flavour. I promise once I clear all my stuff off the floor I will take some shots of the inside.

Well I’m back from my little trip away. D and I headed down to the bottom of Ireland for some b&bing / camping. I went for my first real swim in the ocean since arriving in Ireland.  Wow! it was cold but I managed to stay in for about 20 minutes. Below is a pic of our first evening in a little hamlet in West Cork. If you are ever visiting West Cork I highly recommend O’Sullivans in Crookhaven for the best open crab sandwich in the world! In the world people! And I didn’t even take a photo of it because somethings should just be enjoyed without taking a photo of it. 🙂 Plus I scoffed most of it before thinking maybe I should have taken a photo. But I did take a photo of our drinks to send to friends to make them jealous.

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