For pets

As a bit of fun I thought I would check out what things they have for pets these days. Well they have lots. If I had a pet their stuff would have to complement the current interior. Lucky for my future pet places like Wild 4 Pets exist. They have an online shop and deliver to Ireland. Here are some pics from their catalogue to show your pets.

If you have a cath kidson vibe going on you might let your pet have one of these beds –

if shabby chic is your thing

A Modernist?

and don’t stop at beds – make sure their table(floor)ware is stylish as well.

1. Floral Donut Bed from 32.95 stg / 2. Gold Chaise Lounge – 24.95 stg / 3. Windsor Dog Sofa – from 90 stg / 4. Wet Nose Pee Wee Dog Bowl – 28.50 stg / 5. Scissal Double Dining Table – from 69.99 stg

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