I find black and white interiors hard to resist although I know before too long I would add some colourful cushions and art.

Pics from here


I use to be a big fan of open plan but now I’m not so much. Its great for entertaining but not when you are trying to watch the TV and the other is cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Annoying I know! Its a hard life.

That said I do I love how this first kitchen is almost hidden.

And I just like this second kitchen because its cosy and moody. Makes having a open plan home a little easier to cope with.

Kitchen One from here. Kitchen Two from here.

I feel a little like Bob in this portrait. It was probably a Monday when this photograph was taken.

Pic from Elle Decor


One day you will be mine. All mine!

Via Interiors Porn


Oh to have a place like this to hang out with your friends when you were teenager.

Although I don’t really like attics and basements because thats where the scary things hang out. Oooooo.

Pic from here.


Some many wonderful things to be found on Pinterest.

Love this rug from Loom.

And love this wall hanging of tiny mirrors and fairy lights. DIY anyone?


I think this magazine rack would be a nice addition to our future living room.

You buy it from here.

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