I can’t wait for the day when we have a house with yard so we can build a little retreat like the one below. Somehow after doing our taxes this week I think this might be our house! Maybe we could build four of them in a row – one for the bedroom, one for the living area, one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom.

Full building instructions here.


I am feeling a little sheepish today as I managed to get two parking fines yesterday.

Yes two in one day!

I can’t believe it happened once let alone twice! I have never had a parking fine. NEVER EVER. It was like a parking inspector was following me and once I went one minute over, BAM!

I am never going out again!

Anyway this room (and view) is making me feel better.

From my Pinterest feed – you can follow me here.

I am loving this entry in this rather delicious apartment. I think an entry way is a nice way to ease into a home rather than bursting into the living areas as soon as you walk thru the door.

Pic from here.

I always picture my dream home by water whether that be a lake or a bay or on the coast. The view from this New Zealand living room is just perfect.

Pics from here spotted via Designlovefest.

Not much to say about the spaces below except I like their simplicity and art.

1. Toby Scott (spotted first on Daily Imprint) 2. I forgot to save the link so if you know please send it on.

If you live in Sydney or visiting in the next few weeks I highly recommend getting along to the Outpost event on Cockatoo Island. Actually if you can’t make the event you should head out to Cockatoo Island anyway. Such a great place to wander around. Of course lets not forget the open air bar and the pizza trailer next door, who make the best pizza I have tasted in a long time!

I could move right into this building where the OI You! Collection was on display.

D and I often dream about being so successful that we can afford to have a home in Australia and the other in the south of France. By the way we don’t even own one home so this is a ‘if I won lotto’ type of conversation.

Anyway check out my new dream home in the south of France.

Pics via here 

We are currently staying in the hills of Bellingen. A beautiful spot but with lots and lots of crawly things.

Here are some pics of my mum’s place to give you a flavour. I promise once I clear all my stuff off the floor I will take some shots of the inside.

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