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  1. Decorum said:

    Thank you for your kind comments about Sweetpea & Willow, delighted that you liked the site. There are some really gorgeous new silver pieces on there at the moment, check out the silver velvet chaise-think you’ll love it!!

  2. lornagd said:

    Hi Mel,

    Forgive me being a bit cheeky but I’m a regular reader of your blog and just happened to notice that you are going to include some online shops on your sidebar. I am launching my online shop on Friday, and I have to admit I am starting small but have big plans for the Maison d’Objet trade fair in September once I’ve dipped my toe in the water! I’d love a mention if you like what you see. Thanks. Lorna

  3. M said:

    No problem at all Lorna! Good luck with the online shop.


  4. gemma harris said:

    hi mel
    do you have any stendig wall calendars in stock? 2009.
    I live in the uk.
    many thanks
    ps love the site

    • M said:

      Hi Gemma,
      I just sent you an email. There are still a couple calendars left and can be purchased thru my online shop at http://www.designheaven.ie. Thanks for the lovely comment.

  5. rekha said:

    i’m student of interiordesign course,i’ve a question..
    how to creat a client profile when we take a project.

  6. bowie said:

    hi mel,

    thanks for you very valid point on the design comp i featured on print & pattern this week. i have to admit i hadnt read all the small print, and was horrified to read that they can use ALL entries however they wish with no credit or fee. i thought they would only use the winning entries. to use the rest is definitely exploitation. im off now to take the post down. thank you for flagging this up to me : )

  7. Karla said:


    I found your blog when I was searching for American diner furniture. My biggest dream is to have a set of chairs and a table and have my dining-room decorated just like those old American diners. I’ve already got a jukebox, lamps, and other nice objects for decorating this room. The problem is that I live in Brazil and it seems like this kind of furniture doesn’t exist around here. Do you know if there is a store (in your country) where I can buy these chairs and get them shipped to Brazil?
    Many thanks,


    • Nicola said:

      Hi there

      I am an interior designer originally from Dublin but based in London. Re your query about American diner furniture, there is a company here in the UK who stock it, they are called Cola Red. If they do not ship to your country I am sure if you contact them they will be able to help you.


      Kind regards, Nicola

  8. Paula said:

    Hi Mel,
    Are you stocking the stendig calendars for 2010?

  9. Myllenda Lay said:

    Hi Mel and Paula

    You can get a stendig 2010 through me. I’m currently working with the publishers who own the rights to the calendar in the US and in the process of setting up Stendig Calendar UK with a view to being the UK supplier.

    I am about to order some more calendars and wondered if you might be interested? The cost is £45 for the calendar plus delivery/shipping to you.

    Mel…I love your blog. It’s great.

    Let me know
    Bye for now

    • M said:

      hi myllenda – thanks for stopping by. cheers,

  10. Mel
    Good on ya missus. Sinead Troy gave me the details for your site. Aren’t you the dark horse? This will be very very useful for us as we’re about to start renovating a gaff. Hope all is well.

    Martin x

    • M said:

      Hey Martin! I pay Sinead with wine to promote my blog. I love before and after pics so make sure you send some in! See you soon.

      Mel x

      • Anonymous said:

        Started about 6 weeks ago so the place is a literal bomb site. Floors are being poured today so very exciting!!

  11. Mike said:


    Just your post about that Ikea stand, my wife is after one and I can’t find one as of yet, do you know the Ikea name for it all?

    • M said:

      Hi Mike – I just sent you an email. thanks, mel

  12. Hi Mel,

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my work, I couldn’t agree more!
    Seriously, I really appreciate someone with such good taste liking my work.

    Thank you xx

    Mark Nixon

    • M said:

      Hi Clayre – thanks and welcome. Blogging is brilliant although its very addictive.

  13. Judi Walters said:

    Your website is a great “find” for me! I look forward to reading past and future design content!

  14. scissal said:

    Hi Mel

    Thanks for featuring Scissal’s stylish diners for dogs and cats! We’ve just updated our website – do take a look and let us know your views http://www.scissal.co.uk Why not follow us on Facebook too?


  15. I love your site! I am just starting my blog, and was wondering if you could add me to your blogroll? http://www.stylepennies.com is about decorating and styling on a budget. Ive added you to my blogroll regardless, because you have some wonderful ideas. Thank you for your support!

  16. annie said:

    Hi Mel
    Great blog, I’ve just found it. Are you selling the Stendig calendar for 2011 and if so can I place an order? Can’t see it in your shop.

    • M said:

      Hi Annie – unfortunately i no longer stock the stendig but it is available in a store in London – I just need to dig out the name of it and will pass it on.
      BTW love your blog – you certainly have a way with words.


      • annie said:

        Hi Mel
        That would be so great if you could let me know, thank you!
        Ah that’s really sweet of you to say that, much appreciated.

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