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Feeling much better today, I think I just had the 24 hour man flu.

So…. anyway kitchen splash backs, what are they all about? Well I can tell you white subway tiles are not your only option (even though I still like white subway tiles).

Here are two kitchens from the TV reno show The Block.

The brothers went with a mirrored splash back and a wooden ceiling. I like the look of a mirrored splash back but not sure I would happy about the maintenance or catching glimpses of myself while tucking into the leftovers.

Dale and Sophie went with a metal splash back and an exposed brick wall above the cabinets. A killer combo in my opinion.

Pics from Freedom website.

… I want my baby back. (ok now I am showing my age)

Yesterday I was drooling over white walls well today I am drooling over dark walls.

Pics from here. First spotted here.

I am trying to convince our landlord to let us paint the pink walls of our apartment white. He doesn’t seem that enthusiastic as the reason every wall is pink was because he let the last tenant decide the colour!! He hates the colour but does not want to spend money on the apartment and is afraid to let us paint it ourselves. The apartment was vacant for 8 months before we moved in and they lost 16K in income which was probably due, in part, to the pink walls. Arrgghh!!!!!! I wish we had enough money to buy our own place but until then at least we have the internet to dream.

Office envy –

Pics from Daniella White

Its a challenge people!

1. Martha Stewart Living

2. Alex MacArthur Antiques (OK these walls are the palest of pinks aka white but its hard to find a pink room that doesn’t look too girly).

Sorry once again for the lack of posting. We are currently staying in a place with very limited access to the internet.

I am posting from the local library which is lovely but I am finding it hard to concentrate. I thought people were suppose to be quiet in libraries?? Maybe I should let out a big SSSHHH. But I hate people who Sshh so I will persevere. So basically I will try to post from here but might not make it down here everyday.

On a lighter note Farrow and Ball has just released a new book , Living with Colour, featuring beautiful pics of British houses and apartments

Sharon’s NY pad is droolicious. Now I don’t use that word ever but that is exactly how I feel about this apartment. The walls and cabinetry are painted in the most perfect grey I have ever seen! The bathroom tiles are so sparkly and glamorous. And don’t get me started about the exposed brickwork and high ceilings. O Perfect Apartment, I would give up my dream of a garden for you!

Thanks AT for another wonderful house tour.

I love this combo. I think that painting takes this to the next level. (Although I am not that mad on the lighting or table).

Wynne and Alex via Velvet & Linen

A bit of mixed bag for today’s post. Also I will be taking next week off from work and blogging. Yippee! about the work part of course.

I found a new app – ShakeItPhoto. Its just like having a polaroid camera in your pocket. (thanks J for the lovely flowers)

Continuing the girly vibe I love this garden party setting.

image via cococozy

And finally a new wallpaper love from Anna French.

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