I feel a little like Bob in this portrait. It was probably a Monday when this photograph was taken.

Pic from Elle Decor


Some many wonderful things to be found on Pinterest.

Love this rug from Loom.

And love this wall hanging of tiny mirrors and fairy lights. DIY anyone?

Loving the vibrant and dark colours in this painting and love the purple rug and… the bedlinen and the bedside table / stool and finally that lamp. Move over monkey.

Pic from Okologi Interiors.

I would love love love to own a Kate Tucker painting.

Design Files are running a competition to win one of her paintings and I am sending positive messages out to the universe that I will be the winner.

Kate is a Melbourne based artist and you have probably seen her work on the Design Files before now but her work is so beautiful it deserves to be all over the internet.

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