Loving the vibrant and dark colours in this painting and love the purple rug and… the bedlinen and the bedside table / stool and finally that lamp. Move over monkey.

Pic from Okologi Interiors.

I would love love love to own a Kate Tucker painting.

Design Files are running a competition to win one of her paintings and I am sending positive messages out to the universe that I will be the winner.

Kate is a Melbourne based artist and you have probably seen her work on the Design Files before now but her work is so beautiful it deserves to be all over the internet.

I was unsure about photo canvas prints when they first surfaced. Or digitally printed art onto canvas in general. However I do like what Trina from La La Lovely did to the photo canvas of her children.

D gave me this canvas print of my bros and I. Look at us! Wee little cherubs. Probably two seconds before and after this shot was taken there was probably crying (me most probably) and moaning (probably me again). Apparently I was a difficult child. My mum said if I was the first I would have been the last. 😦 Anyway my point is whether I should try something like Trina’s photo canvas or just leave it???

Keeping it local today with an amazing Australian design studio, Page Thirty Three. Co-fouders Bianca and Ryan have a great sense of humour which comes through in their products. Here are just a few of my favourites but the rest of their collection is so worth checking out too.

I need one of these Money Duffle Bags (preferably filled to the brim with money)

The Guitar Fly Swatter (not sure I want to swat flies with it though)

And the Burning Bank Incense Burner (Brilliant)

Well its knock off time for me and I need to get ready for my little bro’s eighteenth! I offered to bring some music as I think I have pretty good taste but my offer was politely declined. Whatever! Anyway its party time so I think I will leave you with this party desk from Boys and Girls.

Desk from

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