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For the past couple of days I have had the desire to runaway and hide. For no particular reason other than for some quiet time. If only I had a teepee. I can see myself blogging away quite happily in there. However I would just need someone to leave me hot chocolate and fresh soup. Click here for the full instructions kindly provided by Rachel from Smile and Wave. What a nice name for a blog.

Today I have fallen in love with Schumacher Fabrics all over again and found a new blog. Whilst innocently browsing the web I came across this most wonderful blog, Little Green Notebook run by the very talented interior designer Jenny Komenda.  You have to check out her daugther’s bedroom makeover. She recovered the headboards in super cool Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon, painted the side table, turned an old mirror into a funky hot pink framed chalkboard, created art for the walls, repainted an old lamp, revamped white bed linen, revamped a mirror, constructed pelmet boxes for the three windows and the list goes on …… Amazing and all doable!!!


and if that ain’t enough Jenny has just completed her office makeover.


After I stopped drooling over all the colours I searched the web for some Schumacher fabric and just purchased a metre and half of Hot House Flowers! Yippee.



Way back in the begining of this blog I wanted regular features such as highlighting different designers or DIY projects or bargain buys. Lets just say I probably need to be a little more organised if I ever want to have any sort of regular feature.

Anyway meet Donna Wilson , who makes knitting look cool. Donna grew up in the Scottish countryside and takes her inspiration from her own childhood memories. She is best known for her knitted creatures and designs for SCP on a regular basis. Her work is so vibrant and fun. I dare you to look at her work and not smile.

Oh and you have to check out her site – she sells make your own monster kits. And apparently there is no sewing involved?? Sounds like something I might be able to tackle.

You can also find some of Donna’s knitted creatures in Lost Weekend, Wexford


and just love this little stool she designed for SCP called Molly.


These guys are hilariously cute! Created by the Danish designer Povl Kjer. It has been described as primarily a toy but can also double up as a footstool! If I thought I could pass it off as a footstool I would love to buy one. 

I think you can purchase them through Pedlars online store

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