…..this is where I will be blogging from in between swims and cocktails for the next ten days.

Its our little villa (and pool) in Thailand.

Half our travelling party are already there and sent this pic via text message.

And the funny thing is I have never been so broke so I guess there will be a lot of sitting by the pool.

We are off to Thailand! Yay! Well not until mid January but I am so looking forward to it. My friend is organising the accommodation so not sure where we are staying but I will pretend it is the place below.

And just look at the beautiful beaches.

Pic 1 –here

My friend has just returned from an exhausting holiday in France. Thats not sarcasm, I really do feel sorry for her as it looks like she was actually working and not lying around drinking wine. This beautiful house in Brittany is now ready for holiday lets. The house has three bedrooms – 2 double and one twin, combined lounge and dining room, separate large kitchen, walled garden for children to play in plus much more. So check out the site for more details and availability. The site is packed with info on the house and the surrounding areas.

Looks like a fab place to spend a week or two. And its reasonably priced which means more money for wine!

Hi All, I am absolutely wrecked after the weekend and I did nothing! I had great plans to buy a blank canvas and whip up a painting for the bedroom. Ha – that makes it sound like I can paint. Then I was going to make cushion covers for the armchairs. In reality I drank too much wine on Friday night, spent most of Saturday on the sofa feeling sorry for myself only making it outside when the hunger got too much. Then Sunday I just mooched around the apartment starting several tasks and completing none. So why am I so tired? Anyway here is where my Friday night partner in crime is now residing for two weeks. Although she will be working on the house during her holiday I am still very jealous.

This place is a holiday rental and I will pass on the details when I get more shots of the interior.

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