Holiday ups and downs

Well we almost didn’t make it to Spain due to flight cancellations etc but we managed to book another flight in the end. Although the fun didn’t stop there.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

We arrived at our villa and it was nothing like the description. The first thing we noticed was the smell of mould and it was freezing despite several heaters being on. And to top it off the bedding and sofa felt damp. However we smiled and took the keys because frankly I think we were both in shock. But after the first night we knew we could not spend another night there so we checked into the hotel room below for two nights until we decided what to do for the rest of the week.

So much for our cheap getaway!

The room above was a suite in the Lola Hotel located in Malaga city centre. I think we went to the other extreme because we wanted so deperately to forgot about the smell from the villa. And the price of hotels in Spain are a little cheaper than Ireland so we took comfort in that.

**more pics of our holiday in Spain to come.

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