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Why o why did I not think of this! It is so simple yet so brilliant all at the same time. I friggin hate all the equipment and wires we have in our apartment. Even when things are wireless they come with just as many wires as the non wireless equipment! So I love this simple idea to hide the router.

Thanks for sharing Ana Marie and tell Joe he is a genius!

The small TV in the office just passed away. Normally this would OK because we rarely use it but and this is a BIG BUT… Football season is about to start and I don’t care for it much. So usually if D wants to watch a game he slinks off to the other room to watch it, although he would complain about needing a magnifying glass due to the size of the screen. So if the money fairy visits anytime soon I would love to get a White LCD TV to replace it.

at white tv

Image from Apartment Therapy

Well I don’t but him indoors does and he loves it! Weird I know. Anyway the other day the Dyson started playing up much to the dismay of its owner. Now to say he was a little disappointed with his super machine would be an understatement so I decided to find out online where you take such things as broken vacuum cleaners. The internet is wonderful for such tasks and usually you can find someone else who has had the same problem in your area and can recommend a solution.

Well it turns out that Dyson have a HELPLINE. Now I don’t want to turn this blog into to a place where I gush about a particular brand but hey this really did happen. Dyson will call out to you, replace any parts that are broken and then guarantee that work/parts for 12 months all for 90 euro! But of course if your machine is still under the five year guarantee its free.

I don’t work for Dyson, they are not paying me to post this (but they can if they want). I just think we should spread the word when a company sees the importance of aftercare. In my experience most companies don’t offer any sort of aftercare in-fact most couldn’t care any less about aftercare!


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