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I can’t wait for the day when we have a house with yard so we can build a little retreat like the one below. Somehow after doing our taxes this week I think this might be our house! Maybe we could build four of them in a row – one for the bedroom, one for the living area, one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom.

Full building instructions here.


Q. A loft in Paris?

A. Yes please.

Q. Filled with very cool furniture?

A. umm Does the Pope pee in the woods?! Oh wait hang on its “Does a bear pee in the woods?”.

Images via The Style Files (original source images by Nicolas Matheus/via Cote Maison)

I love this guy’s work.

Scott Weston sure knows how to make the most out of small spaces and he is certainly not afraid of colour.

I love AT’s Small Cool comp. So many ideas for us small space dwellers. I wish I had photos of my mum’s old Sydney apartment, and I use apartment very loosely here. It was basically two rooms with a closet for a bathroom. But it was designed to maximise the space and it worked. Maybe if I can get her to track down the designer she might have photos on file. Anyway back to the Small Cool comp. Here are some pics from today’s roundup.

Sorry once again for not posting. I have been very busy with visiting family and trying to organise some big changes (but more on that later). So I needed some inspiration to help get back into the swing of all things interior. And where else do you go for such inspiration? Living Etc of course.

Wow! This little studio is only 16m2 – can you believe it? You would have to be very tidy and everything would have to have its place. No room for clutter here – yet it looks very cosy and lived in. Only problem – you have to pack your bed away each day. I don’t even make mine! Well except when visitors are popping over. Damn I have blown my cover.

Pics from Maire Claire Maison

While cruising the web I stumbled across this article from Better Homes and Gardens on how to maximise space in a small bedroom. Now I strongly disagree this is a small bedroom but I do agree with the tips to maximise space. So I thought I would share their wisdom with you.

First tip – choose furniture that allows you to see through to the floor. This gives the impression of more space.

bh bedroom2

Second Tip – Frosted glass on internal doors lets more light into the room and also lets you look beyond the room giving the impression of more depth. I am not a door closer but I like this idea. We would definitely benefit from this tip for the door that leads from our bright living room into the dark and scary hallway.

bh bedroom1

Third tip – Hanging fabric panels, or curtains to you and me, on the front of your wardrobe instead of doors to save on space. I like this one because I have a curtain over a storage closet in the space bedroom / office as there was no room for a door to open and close.

bh bedroom

We didn’t really take a summer holiday due to the usual reasons but I am sick of penny pinching and I want a break! I am currently toying with the idea of 3 nights in Amsterdam. I checked out the hotels the lovely Danielle from The Style Files suggested in her Amsterdam city guide – there are some very cool designer hotels in there. I would have no problem staying in any one of them. But now I am thinking how lovely it would be to stay in a houseboat! If anyone has stayed in a houseboat before I would love to hear about it.

here are some pics from Houseboathotel website

Using glass panels to separate the living area from the kitchen is a great way to still benefit from the natural light if a window is not an option in the kitchen but still keep the noise and smells away from the living area. I really like this design as an alternative to open plan living.

kitchen with glass wall roomservice blogg dot se

Image from Room and Serve

I spotted this cabinet on another blog awhile back and thought what a clever idea. And it has even more relevance now I need somewhere to set up my sewing machine.

Check out the full details on how to make your own hidden workspace on Martha Stewart’s site.

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