Oh to have a place like this to hang out with your friends when you were teenager.

Although I don’t really like attics and basements because thats where the scary things hang out. Oooooo.

Pic from here.

Loving the vibrant and dark colours in this painting and love the purple rug and… the bedlinen and the bedside table / stool and finally that lamp. Move over monkey.

Pic from Okologi Interiors.

I really really love the look of linen on beds but this bedhead has taken it to a new level. And it was a DIY! It is on the list.

Pics are from Lily.

Yay for Friday!

I tried a new colour combo today – Blue on Hot Pink. Way back when I wanted to try this colour combo but never did. I think it works.

Then I spent some time with my sewing machine but now its knock off time. Have a good weekend people they only come around once a week.

We had a lovely long weekend here despite the horrible weather. We had a productive day at print club, had an amazing roast dinner with a friend and her family and then did nothing at all on Monday. In fact someone who shall remain nameless didn’t even get out of their pjs!

Here is what D printed. He also printed this two colour print on the most amazing grey coloured T in both men and women sizes. Cant wait to get this T uploaded to our shop.

And here is what I printed.

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