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I can’t wait for the day when we have a house with yard so we can build a little retreat like the one below. Somehow after doing our taxes this week I think this might be our house! Maybe we could build four of them in a row – one for the bedroom, one for the living area, one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom.

Full building instructions here.


Katie from Paperfashion is certainly not afraid of using bright colours in her home. She is also very resourceful – see the pink pattern in the large frame? Its a Florence Broadhurst pattern featured on Kate Spade’s tissue paper! It is one of my favourite patterns.

The three rooms below are my favourites from Sanna Lindberg’s portfolio.

Each have a slightly different style but all have one thing in common. They are stunning!

First up is this gorgeous dining room with an equally lovely living room in the background.

Second on the list is this very cosy bedroom. I want that headboard.

Finally is this sleek office. Oh to have that much space dedicated to a home office.

Thanks to Solid Frog for the introduction.

I am trying to convince our landlord to let us paint the pink walls of our apartment white. He doesn’t seem that enthusiastic as the reason every wall is pink was because he let the last tenant decide the colour!! He hates the colour but does not want to spend money on the apartment and is afraid to let us paint it ourselves. The apartment was vacant for 8 months before we moved in and they lost 16K in income which was probably due, in part, to the pink walls. Arrgghh!!!!!! I wish we had enough money to buy our own place but until then at least we have the internet to dream.

Office envy –

Pics from Daniella White

Q. A loft in Paris?

A. Yes please.

Q. Filled with very cool furniture?

A. umm Does the Pope pee in the woods?! Oh wait hang on its “Does a bear pee in the woods?”.

Images via The Style Files (original source images by Nicolas Matheus/via Cote Maison)

I am a little neurotic about certain noises and ticking clocks is one of them. I can’t fall asleep if a clock is ticking within hearing distance, or a dripping tap or snoring or blinds banging on the window….

Ok thats enough information for today. All I really wanted to do was show you this clock that I spotted on My 2nd Life of Mine. The perfect way to get the retro look without the ticking. I like.

I have wanted this chair for so so so long and still can’t believe its sitting in my apartment.

And the best part – it was a bargain! I love second hand. Love love love it!!!

Introducing my new office chair – ta da!

Its a replica but it is by no means a cheap copy.

Our apartment is very very empty and will be for awhile until we are both working. But does that mean I have to stop looking? NO WAY!

Here is option one for my  new desk and lamp (from IKEA of course)

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