Comparing real estate prices

WARNING – No good will come of this unless you’re ready to move overseas!

A close friend is looking to buy a house in Dublin and has been for years now. Usually after a few viewings she finds herself a little less enthusiastic for a variety of reasons. So to torture herself more she decided to fantasize about buying real estate in New Zealand. She asked me where might be nice to set up her new fantasy life. Well I have never been to New Zealand so I suggested Hawkes Bay because I liked the name. We had a look at the houses on offer and found this little 1920s cottage by the sea. Now I want to move to Hawkes Bay!

You can see the sea whilst washing the dishes! Plus you have a separate one bedroom self-contained accommodation for your visitors!

  1. Lorna said:

    This is not good for one’s health – setting up a blog post for this early in the morning for so much envy in our system!! Love the verandah too.

  2. sharon said:

    swoon, lets all move to hawkes bay!

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