Living room mood board

Hi All – I am sorry for not posting for the past week. My routine is all over the place at the moment. Well that will all change next week when I start my new job! Eek! And D starts his new new job next week too.

So once the money starts rolling in we can finally start decorating our new gaff. Yippee!

Today I decided to start a mood board for the living room. Its still a work in progress but liking it so far.

  1. My colours, my style! Love the Persian carpet by the way. Where is it from? All best, Ewelina p.s. good luck with the decoration project. hope you will let us see the results 🙂

  2. I agree with Ewelinas, the rug is beautiful!! i really like the couch too, keeps us posted!!

  3. Andrea said:

    I think that will look lovely – especially if it is a room with a lot of natural light.

  4. Joanne said:

    Love the sofa, how much would this cost to buy, it would look great in my kitchen, as I have done one wall in a touch lighter grey colour?

  5. Helen said:

    The rug is great, I am loving the look of these items, they would fit in well in my back room, thanks for the tips and advice.

  6. sara said:

    How much would this whole set cost, it would look fabulous in my study, and since I spend most of my time in there I could do with something nice to look at, the little sofa is cool.

  7. julia said:

    I love this set it looks amazing, it would go great in my teenagers room. I have seen similar but this looks great.

  8. mia said:

    My daughter is moving into her first home after Christmas, love the ideas above, but do you have any tips for doing things on a rather tight budget?

    • M said:

      Hi Mia, Welcome! I would suggest to anyone on a tight budget to buy second hand where you can. Also you can create some really one of pieces with second furniture when you add a little funky paint.And of course IKEA for bookshelves if you have one close by. I hope that helps.


    • M said:

      thanks Nhung Tran.

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