DIY – Pyramid Painting

I really want to create some art for our new apartment and I think this simple DIY painting might just be the winner.

From the book – DIY Art at Home via Woman’s Day website

  1. Wow..i love that…definitely think i could manage that… I wonder what the other projects in that book are like?

  2. woah that’s a good idea and they look great too!! definetly going to try this this weekend, probably fail though lol 😦 not really artistic

  3. This requires a lot of work I believe although is it worth it. Definitely a good idea since most that color fits my room. I’m going after that design. Thank you for this very cool project.

  4. Joanne said:

    What a great idea, I am going to try this out in my sons room, it looks really funky, he is a bit of a music dood, so I am sure he will love something like this on his bedroom wall.

  5. I like the look of those paintings, for some reason I initially thought they were some kind of scales reflecting light at various intensity :).

    Looks like lots of work but not too hard, perhaps a bit repetitive when “stamping” the triangles heh. But hey, the result is worth it!

  6. Helen said:

    I have tried this, and would like to thank you for the idea, I now have one of these pictures hung in my bathroom, it looks fab.

    • M said:

      Hi Helen – You are more than welcome.I finally got around to trying out this DIY only yesterday and love it too! I also need some art in my bathroom.


  7. Dale said:

    Thats pretty cool, I remember using the potato shapes when I was in school. The colours in the example above are what make it look so good..

    • M said:

      Hi dale, thanks for dropping by and totally agree that indigo blue and white are what make this DIY painting.

  8. jo said:

    Potato shapes were cool when I was at school, we used to cut stars and squares into them, it was also cheap I think for our parents. I really like the pyramid picture.

  9. julia said:

    I think it is amazing to make handmade photos and objects for the home, it not only looks good but it gives you a great sense of achievement, plus you have something unique

  10. mia said:

    How long would it take to make this, do you have any other ideas I could use to decorate my living room

    • M said:

      Hi Mia,

      The painting didn’t take too long at all. DIY paintings as definitely the way to go if you have a tight budget.


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