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Well I finally finished the first armchair cushion cover. It’s quite clear I am no upholsterer and my sewing machine has decided to confirm this by blowing up. I have a new-found respect for upholstery and will pay someone else to do mine in the future. Life is just too short people.

The fabric is Sofia from Ikea.

Here are some fabrics choices for the armchair seat covers. I think this might take awhile.

Bengali Smoke

Bombay Jet

Aruba Multi

Celebrity Naples

* All fabrics above are from here

Well you all know about my red lounger calling it a day. Now I love Ikea but not when their furniture breaks after only a year! Anyway I scoured gumtree for a couple of days and found two tan leather armchairs. So I rang the guy and said I will take them without even seeing them in person. Sometimes I am a little impatient which is not good when buying things online. The chairs arrived and I was worried I had a mistake at first but after a bit of cleaning and disposing of the seat cushions I felt a lot better about them. We had foam cut to fit the chairs so all that is left to do is decide on the material for the cushion covers. Maybe a zebra print? D is not happy about that option so maybe not.

Oh it finally feels like winter is behind us! It was lovely walking into the living room with the sun shining outside and the smell of fresh flowers. Almost made Monday morning bearable.

And I like the idea of making your own paper cherry blossom flowers.

Well I bought some Schumacher fabric a couple of weeks ago and I am still deciding what I want to do with it. Currently I am trying it out on the bedhead. No real effort went in to this other than draping the fabric over the bedhead.

I am still waiting to find the right piece of art to hang over the bed so I guess I am looking for a little makeover fix in the meantime.

Hmmm, still not sure – It kind of feels a little grown up for me.



And here is the bed before my latest massive makeover. It took me hours to drape that fabric just right you know.


Sometimes the weekends whizz by without much happening but this weekend was full of little surprises.

We scored a new dining table from Oxfam on Francis Street for 40 euro and its exactly what I wanted.

and I set up a new work area for blogging / sewing / sketching using the old dining table. It needs some more finishing touches but I love having an area all of my own.

and finally the green thing I have been watering for two months finally sprouted a flower. I think I’m right in thinking this is a type of pansy? Whatever it is it made me happy to see the sunny little flower on Sunday morning.

Last Thursday I received my first ever sewing machine. Me? sewing? Oh how my mum is going to laugh and laugh at this post.

Anyway I decided I should try my hand at making something over the weekend, and I did much to my surprise. A cushion cover with a zip! Now I have not mastered the whole art of straight lines but it still turned out OK.

I love love love fresh flowers! They make me happy therefore worth every penny in my books. And less fattening than chocolate which also makes me happy.

And here is my first ever fuchsia that I purchased from Bloom two weekends ago. Apparently fuchsias are suppose to be a good hardy plant. So hopefully it will survive my over obsessive watering for the first few weeks followed by a couple of weeks neglect followed by random attention after that.

Actually this little guy is going to be the start of my new and improved balcony. The very narrow balcony looks out onto a busy inner city street so it could do with a few plants to make the sight a little less offensive. Some pics from my inspiration files.

Pics from AT and Living Etc

We were delighted when our landlord decided to renovate the bathroom, especially since my family will be here next week! Now I wasn’t on hand to ‘direct’ the design when it came to the tiles but I was pretty happy they went with white tiles for the wall and grey tiles for the floor. Plus we now have a glass screen so no more clingy shower curtains! Here is how it looks at the moment after some finishing touches by moi. (You can click here to see what it looked like before the makeover).

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