Trying out a look

Well I bought some Schumacher fabric a couple of weeks ago and I am still deciding what I want to do with it. Currently I am trying it out on the bedhead. No real effort went in to this other than draping the fabric over the bedhead.

I am still waiting to find the right piece of art to hang over the bed so I guess I am looking for a little makeover fix in the meantime.

Hmmm, still not sure – It kind of feels a little grown up for me.



And here is the bed before my latest massive makeover. It took me hours to drape that fabric just right you know.


  1. elaine said:

    i really love that fabric…whatever you do its going to look really beautiful.
    its a classic ,age doesn’t come into it methinks
    and your very observant re. wine opener but the truth is that was in fact a very important patchwork tool that is disguised as a wine opener ! i swear

  2. zee said:

    I’m not one for throwing OMGs around willy nilly, but OMG. That fabric is divine and works so perfectly as a bedhead. I think the bedroom needs a splash of pattern and that ties in perfectly with all your accessories. And if it eases your worries about it being too grown up – I love it, and we all know my taste is akin to that of a small child!

    Where did you buy it from? i’m yet to get round to making curtains for my den and I may have to rethink. We’ll match! It’ll be cute!

  3. Lorna said:

    I think that fabric is lovely – really brings a splash of colour and it isn’t overly floral. Thibaut have a fabric out that looks quite similar.

  4. M said:

    Elaine – The classic look is why I liked the fabric in the first place so I guess age should not be a factor. And I believe you about the wine opener mainly because i know nothing about the tools required for patchwork.

    Zee – i bought the fabric on Ebay. there is a link to seller below. But I must warn you he was only selling 1.5 metres of it so not sure he has any left.

    Lorna – Yes i do like the fact its not too flowery and for that reason it suits a large job such as large armchair or a bedhead.

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