Before and Afters from Canadian House & Home

Does everyone love before and after shots as much as I do? Well I guess you would need to know how much I love before and after shots. A lot. Especially when the transformation didn’t involve major construction work.

Here are a couple of makeovers from Canadian House & Home

Canadian house & home teenbedb4oc08

canadian house & home teenbedaftoc08

And here is the second Before and After

Canadian House & Home bedapr07b4

Canadian House & Home bedapr06aft


  1. Lorna said:

    Fabulous and fab styling

  2. zee said:

    Likewise, my favourite before and afters are ones that require minimum architectural intervention – so inspiring!

  3. Aideen said:

    Y’know, in the second instance, I think I preferred the before! The after’s got a little too much going on for me…

  4. Very successful. They’ve gone from typical rooms you see when viewing houses for sale to rooms that make you find ways round every reason that arises for not buying the house, even though in the back of your mind you know it’s all stuff that’ll be taken away, and not even quite your taste.

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