Starting a New Business

I was reading an article in the Guardian recently about three people who have each started up a design related company after being let go from their job. I guess we all like reading stories about people who manage to turn a situation around as it gives us hope and life doesn’t seem so scary. Don’t get me wrong – I know this is by no means easy and not an option for everyone but I still like hearing about such successes. One of the companies mentioned in the article was Anorak, who specialise in outdoor products such as travel, camping and gardening accessories.



  1. Lorna said:

    I came across Anorak at a show or something some time ago and they are doing brilliantly – great designs and best of luck to them, they are grasping the mettle and running with it.

  2. I love the bird bag. In fact, they’re all great – strong and simple designs. I’d like a sofa covered in that bird fabric…

  3. M said:

    lorna – thats great to hear. hope you are feeling better.

    Mise – it would be great to see the prints available to buy on a heavy cotton fabric for covering chairs and the like.

  4. Kate said:

    I was rather obsessed with buying these sleeping bags for my little boys, but couldn’t let myself pay the shipping cost from the UK – I hope their products make it to the US, because they are lovely!

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