Tips from Better Homes and Gardens

While cruising the web I stumbled across this article from Better Homes and Gardens on how to maximise space in a small bedroom. Now I strongly disagree this is a small bedroom but I do agree with the tips to maximise space. So I thought I would share their wisdom with you.

First tip – choose furniture that allows you to see through to the floor. This gives the impression of more space.

bh bedroom2

Second Tip – Frosted glass on internal doors lets more light into the room and also lets you look beyond the room giving the impression of more depth. I am not a door closer but I like this idea. We would definitely benefit from this tip for the door that leads from our bright living room into the dark and scary hallway.

bh bedroom1

Third tip – Hanging fabric panels, or curtains to you and me, on the front of your wardrobe instead of doors to save on space. I like this one because I have a curtain over a storage closet in the space bedroom / office as there was no room for a door to open and close.

bh bedroom

  1. I so agree about the importance (even for a large room) of furniture on legs so that you can see underneath (ideally on a lovely rug). Alas, I only realised this halfway along and I have a few sofas and bed that from my new perspective look a bit lumpen.

  2. Jim said:

    curtains on the wardrobe is a brilliant idea. so much space could be saved. i love that idea.

  3. malikah said:

    i love this you make small spaces look great and doable

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