Small kitchen makeover

Awhile back I was asked to redesign a small kitchen. So I decided to use the Ikea room planner software. The room dimensions are 1.90m by 2.40m – so not a lot to work with. Anyway I absolutley hate under counter fridges with their tiny little ice boxes! It makes me so mad that anyone who designs a kitchen for a 2 bedroom apartment thinks it is perfectly fine for two adults possibily more to cope with such a pathetic excuse for a fridge. And to make matters worse some kitchens have dishwashers yet no freezer! Sorry but dishwashers are not the best way to use limited cupboard space when you have no freezer! And under counter fridges with their tiny tiny ice boxes are only good for a home bar.

The above design doesn’t leave much counterspace as the sink will be over the washing machine and narrow cupboard. However you can make use of the drainer and sink by buying a chopping board that fits over the sink and a fold away dish drainer. Also I think you could add a small kitchen trolley to use for chopping and perhaps hold some of the pots and pans to free up some more space.

If the owner decides to go ahead with the above design I will definitely post photos!

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  1. said:

    I enjoyed viewing and thinking through your design illustration for a tiny kitchen. I am getting ready to do one myself (for my own tiny kitchen) and found your black and white rendering on the internet. I hope you produce more diagrams of small kitchens. I find the concept intriguing — so intriguing that I’ve spent about 10 years “thinking” about how I’ll do my little space. If I ever do, and I think I will soon, it will be a conglomerate of the ideas I’ve gotten from you and other talented people. Thanks.

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