I am not feeling that well today. In fact I think I am coming down with the flu which will be the first flu in about five years!

Super new business cards – I would love some Black cards with neon pink edges.

This sofa from Jardan  –

And these super cool boots from The Horse

Don’t they all go well together.


I love this mural by Matt Moore to celebrate the opening of his “Crystals & Lasers” Exhibition. I think I need to buy some blue painters tape and a large canvas.

Pic from here.

Well its Friday and its time to relax. We are off to my dad’s to celebrate his birthday.  I am looking forward to a nice dinner then sitting around the fire pit. Hopefully my dad does not get too sad about getting older and start questioning the meaning of life. Fire has that affect on some people especially when drink is involved.

Pic from here.

I always picture my dream home by water whether that be a lake or a bay or on the coast. The view from this New Zealand living room is just perfect.

Pics from here spotted via Designlovefest.

I think it’s the Monday blues but I wish we were back in Thailand. D’s parents just rec’d our postcard that we posted while on holiday in Thailand FIVE months ago! I will never complain about Australia Post again. 🙂


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