This is such a happy and bright eating nook.

I would love to start my day off by eating a wholesome and hearty breakfast here.

More pics of this lovely bright home here.


If I had money I would love to invest in art.

I don’t think I will ever have enough money to ‘invest’ in art but I can dream.

I love this painting by Paul Davies. Its a painting of his mum’s house.

I am feeling a little sheepish today as I managed to get two parking fines yesterday.

Yes two in one day!

I can’t believe it happened once let alone twice! I have never had a parking fine. NEVER EVER. It was like a parking inspector was following me and once I went one minute over, BAM!

I am never going out again!

Anyway this room (and view) is making me feel better.

From my Pinterest feed – you can follow me here.

I really really love the look of linen on beds but this bedhead has taken it to a new level. And it was a DIY! It is on the list.

Pics are from Lily.

This Monday has been a mixed bag of emotions. We received some bad news today but we are going to send out good vibes instead of letting it get us down.

We also spent some time in the studio trying out new designs. See below

Then headed home to cook some feel good food. A prawn and pea risotto with fresh mint and basil. Yum! I sort of followed this recipe.

I hope you all had a wonderful Monday.

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