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Sorry there was no post yesterday but I was sulking. A pattern I was trying to screen print went horribly wrong so I threw my squeegee out of the pram. However I will keep persevering because I think it will look great once I iron out a few of the kinks. I guess thats what they call ‘learning’. : )

Anyway I hope everyone has fun things planned for the weekend. D and I are off to a Country themed party. My country is Sri Lanka and since I am not that into dress up parties I think I will just stick Dilmah tea bags on my outfit. Lame I know but dress up parties are lame unless you are under the age of ten. Geez I guess I am still angry from yesterday.

Here are some soothing pics from Sara Sjogren’s portfolio to help keep me calm.

(I so want a cool orange storage box for my loo roll now!)

Perfect colour combo.

Still digging grey sofas paired with tan leather.

Pics from here.


I love vibrant colours so I might change the cushions for some brightly coloured ones but I would not be too upset if this was my living room. Love the grey and white striped rug and what is not to like about that sofa. And love the wooden stools and the buttery leather butterfly chair with the sheepskin. And …. the crocheted footstool and….

Pic from here.

I love when you find an unexpected dining room furniture combination.

How fantastic is the combo below? I so want those silver chairs and spotted cushions.

I would love to spend some lazy Sunday mornings at this table.

Pic from here.

We bought a second-hand sofa when we moved into our pink palace and while it is comfortable and has a nice shape the colour is well… boring oatmeal. Its harmless but also forgettable. Unlike this striped sofa below. Ooh I wish I could sew and had a sewing machine and had the patience to sew, I would so make a striped cover for our boring non happenin sofa.

As if these people don’t have enough nice hip things going on in their joint they go and throw down a rug in their dining room that has triangles! People triangles are cool so if you want to be cool get some triangles. Not the instrument because that is not cool unless you are trying to be uncool then thats cool.

Pics from here

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