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Did you catch Dabito’s house tour on AT? It looks like one of those homes that you never want to leave, just like Dabito’s blog Old Brand New.


Some lovely homes from the amazing portfolio of Chris Warnes.

Q. A loft in Paris?

A. Yes please.

Q. Filled with very cool furniture?

A. umm Does the Pope pee in the woods?! Oh wait hang on its “Does a bear pee in the woods?”.

Images via The Style Files (original source images by Nicolas Matheus/via Cote Maison)

We bought a second-hand sofa when we moved into our pink palace and while it is comfortable and has a nice shape the colour is well… boring oatmeal. Its harmless but also forgettable. Unlike this striped sofa below. Ooh I wish I could sew and had a sewing machine and had the patience to sew, I would so make a striped cover for our boring non happenin sofa.

As if these people don’t have enough nice hip things going on in their joint they go and throw down a rug in their dining room that has triangles! People triangles are cool so if you want to be cool get some triangles. Not the instrument because that is not cool unless you are trying to be uncool then thats cool.

Pics from here

D and I often dream about being so successful that we can afford to have a home in Australia and the other in the south of France. By the way we don’t even own one home so this is a ‘if I won lotto’ type of conversation.

Anyway check out my new dream home in the south of France.

Pics via here 

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