Home office

I have wanted this chair for so so so long and still can’t believe its sitting in my apartment.

And the best part – it was a bargain! I love second hand. Love love love it!!!

Introducing my new office chair – ta da!

Its a replica but it is by no means a cheap copy.

I will be a little sad to see some of my lovely stuff sold off but I am also excited about setting up a new home!

And setting up a proper functioning home office is at the top of the list.

Obviously I will have to wait to see how much space I can dedicate to a home office but I guess one thing is becoming apparent, I like white desks.

1. Cashmere & Cupcakes 2. AT – Rebecca’s Office 3. Made By Girl

Its always great to receive an email about a new design related venture and Industry certainly looks like my kind of shop. Here is the blurb –

An eclectic new shop offering a mix of vintage, up-cycled and new furniture combined with unusual household accessories and quirky home furnishings has just opened in the heart of Dublin ’s Temple Bar. Located on Smock Alley off Cows Lane , INDUSTRY offers a unique and innovative style choice for Irish homes.

INDUSTRY is open from Tuesday to Saturday, for further details call Vanessa on 01-6139111.

INDUSTRY – 5 Smock Alley, Essex St. West , Cow’s Lane, Temple Bar, Dublin


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