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I will be a little sad to see some of my lovely stuff sold off but I am also excited about setting up a new home!

And setting up a proper functioning home office is at the top of the list.

Obviously I will have to wait to see how much space I can dedicate to a home office but I guess one thing is becoming apparent, I like white desks.

1. Cashmere & Cupcakes 2. AT – Rebecca’s Office 3. Made By Girl

Its always great to receive an email about a new design related venture and Industry certainly looks like my kind of shop. Here is the blurb –

An eclectic new shop offering a mix of vintage, up-cycled and new furniture combined with unusual household accessories and quirky home furnishings has just opened in the heart of Dublin ’s Temple Bar. Located on Smock Alley off Cows Lane , INDUSTRY offers a unique and innovative style choice for Irish homes.

INDUSTRY is open from Tuesday to Saturday, for further details call Vanessa on 01-6139111.

INDUSTRY – 5 Smock Alley, Essex St. West , Cow’s Lane, Temple Bar, Dublin

This house was designed nearly 40 years ago by Hugh Newell Jacobensen. Stunning. I love the pop out boxes, the windows under the kitchen cabinets, the office nook, the bookshelves…. Oh I love everything about this house!

images via DC by Design

and here is a link to the photographer – Thomas Arledge

(thanks to jennifer from DC by Design for the heads up)

Sorry once again for not posting. I have been very busy with visiting family and trying to organise some big changes (but more on that later). So I needed some inspiration to help get back into the swing of all things interior. And where else do you go for such inspiration? Living Etc of course.

As promised here are the shots D took while I was looking around Merci. He asked permission and they said no problem as long as it was for non commercial purposes. Which it is unless they want to pay D to put these shots on their website as they are amazing! and to my surprise they have no shots of the lovely products they sell on their website. So…….. 😉

I love this shot above. Would you believe that is the front counter?

It’s my last day. 😦 I am very sad to leave Paris. Some lovely pics coming up soon once I go through the photos on my camera. I managed a visit to the wonderful shop Merci. I got a little over excited and only left with some tape and a stamp? But D got some lovely shots of the store while I drooled over everything. Coming soon. Here is the shot I took on my phone.

Well the best tape dispenser I have ever seen in my life time anyway. This gold elephant and monkey tape dispenser is available through Iomoi. The only thing stopping me from buying it is the price. Maybe one day.

I need some pretty pictures today as I had a sucky weekend.

My future shop

My future art

One day I am going to attempt my version of this framed art.

And shame on me as I don’t remember where I sourced this pic from! Please send on details if you do.

And I love this work area.

First pic from hotel-aire-de-bardenas

Last pic via lardulcilar.blogspot

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