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Somehow carnations disappeared off my radar until recently. Usually I would reach right past them trying to grab a bunch of roses, or lilies or my recent obsession – peonies. Well no more – just look at how soft and complex this little flower is. And apparently they are very robust and last longer than most other flowers.


Sometimes the weekends whizz by without much happening but this weekend was full of little surprises.

We scored a new dining table from Oxfam on Francis Street for 40 euro and its exactly what I wanted.

and I set up a new work area for blogging / sewing / sketching using the old dining table. It needs some more finishing touches but I love having an area all of my own.

and finally the green thing I have been watering for two months finally sprouted a flower. I think I’m right in thinking this is a type of pansy? Whatever it is it made me happy to see the sunny little flower on Sunday morning.

A cool way to display your recyclable wine bottles between visits to the bottle bank.


I love how long roses last – these guys on going on two weeks!

New chairs from Dekko

Hi All, I’m still here. Just taking a short break while my mum is visiting. Regular posting will resume tomorrow. We had a fabulous trip down to Kerry. And my new favourite flower, along with the fuchsia, is the foxglove. The hedges along the roadside were bursting with colour. Kerry and the Dingle peninsular is stunning no matter what weather but we were lucky enough to get a few days sunshine. See you all tomorrow.


I love love love fresh flowers! They make me happy therefore worth every penny in my books. And less fattening than chocolate which also makes me happy.

And here is my first ever fuchsia that I purchased from Bloom two weekends ago. Apparently fuchsias are suppose to be a good hardy plant. So hopefully it will survive my over obsessive watering for the first few weeks followed by a couple of weeks neglect followed by random attention after that.

Actually this little guy is going to be the start of my new and improved balcony. The very narrow balcony looks out onto a busy inner city street so it could do with a few plants to make the sight a little less offensive. Some pics from my inspiration files.

Pics from AT and Living Etc

We were blessed, as they say in Ireland, with the weather over the long weekend. I tried to get things organised for the first of my visiting rellies, who arrive tomorrow, but I just couldn’t stay indoors long enough. Besides I have a few more days before my mum arrives which is the person I am really tidying up for.

So yesterday I managed to make it to the Bloom festival 2 hours before it closed. And whizzed around before running back to pick up some bargain flowering plants.

Here is my favourite garden. This garden has everything I likeĀ  – surrounded by greenery, water and a place to lay about reading or snoozing. More decking would be nice so I could entertain when I am not snoozing.. I mean reading.

bloom fav

The Secluded Water Garden by designer Frazer McDonogh.

The hammock is from a company located in Wicklow calledĀ  Seabourne Chic. Here it is again –

OT 02pictureOT 03 L

and they also stock these absolutely gorgeous bamboo and canvas umbrellas!!!!!!

OT 01 pictureOT 01 L

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