Big changes are on the horizon – I will be moving out of my lovely girly 2 bedroom terrace that I shared with my equally lovely friend and moving into co-habitation land. Eek! However it has been made less scary (decor-wise) as our new landlord (D’s current landlord) has given us a budget to give the apartment a bit of an overhaul. Yipee! The budget is small but we will be putting in new wood flooring in the lounge, hall and kitchen, a new kitchen and painting the whole apartment! Now all I have to do – oh I mean we have to do is stick to the budget. WE (I am learning) have decided white for all the walls – I know its safe but white paint is way cheaper and I think the money is better spent on good quality flooring and the kitchen. Colour will be introduced through furniture, decor and art. We will be doing most of the work ourselves so I will keep you up to date with the progress. Now the floors – I think we are heading for a solid wood in walnut but ‘we’ have a tendency to change our minds from time to time (day to day).

I was visiting a friend a couple of weeks back who had just moved into her new apartment and its very stylish. Anyway she mentioned that she wanted to replace the current flooring in the kitchen with red rubber. I thought wow! as rubber never really enters my head when it comes to flooring.  This has all changed – its brilliant and comes in loads of bright colours. Also if you tend to be a little on the clumsy side this might be a good solution. Here are some pics from the Rubber Floor Store.

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