Unfortunately I am not referring to myself. Although I am willing to be brilliant and rich.

No Rich, Brilliant, Willing is the name of the company who manufactures the stunning lighting below. My only complaint is their website is hard to navigate, or maybe thats just me – Poor, Stupid, Impatient

Thanks to Hello, I’m Tiger for the introduction.


Bookhou always produce beautiful products but these pouches made from their drop sheets are just too gorgeous for words.

They will be on sale at 2pm EST which translates to 6am here so unfortunately I will probably miss the chance to buy one.

Oh well I guess I can’t complain as I am still happy as a clam sitting in my new office chair (see yesterday’s post).

Today I started a short fabric printing course and I am itching to set up a little printing station in our laundry.

Whilst getting to know my fellow classmates someone reminded of the wonderful Florence Broadhurst. Not that I had forgotten about her and her amazing designs.

I still want the Fingers pattern¬†for my bed skirt¬†like in Pia’s Paris apartment.

and love the Horses Stampede print too.

Julie Palmer from Olive and Joy loves Florence’s fabrics too!

Pic 1 – Pia Jane Bijkerk, Pic 2 – Signature Prints, Pic 3 – Olive and Joy

Joanne from Think Contemporary dropped me an email last week with pics of their latest creation.

A quirky tea room situated in downtown Portobello, Dublin (or maybe that should be uptown since you have to walk up hill from town to get to it??).

I love hanging out in public places that feel like home and if I was still living in Dublin I would definitely be hanging out here on a cold wintry afternoon sipping tea.

Olivier from Wo and We Collection was in contact recently to let me know about his new light collection. He calls himself a light ‘creator-assembler’ and creates some amazing pieces using vintage lamps and industry components. The shipping costs are also pretty reasonable, even for me all the way over here in upside down land.

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