The three rooms below are my favourites from Sanna Lindberg’s portfolio.

Each have a slightly different style but all have one thing in common. They are stunning!

First up is this gorgeous dining room with an equally lovely living room in the background.

Second on the list is this very cosy bedroom. I want that headboard.

Finally is this sleek office. Oh to have that much space dedicated to a home office.

Thanks to Solid Frog for the introduction.


Hi Everyone, I am feeling a little under the weather today which is probably why I want to curl up in the bedroom below for a nice long sleep.

Via Remodelista

D and I often dream about being so successful that we can afford to have a home in Australia and the other in the south of France. By the way we don’t even own one home so this is a ‘if I won lotto’ type of conversation.

Anyway check out my new dream home in the south of France.

Pics via hereĀ 

Its a challenge people!

1. Martha Stewart Living

2. Alex MacArthur Antiques (OK these walls are the palest of pinks aka white but its hard to find a pink room that doesn’t look too girly).

We now have somewhere for our visitors to sleep!

The bed is not exactly my taste but I think I can come to love it with a few small alterations.

So here is our second bedroom – pink walls and all!

Maybe a lighter wood stain?

Or go raw like this dresser?

Or a mix of dark and light wood like this stool?

1. House Beautiful 2. Flicker memberĀ Sean Surlow 3. Flickr member Gunnyrats

Just two little pics that are inspiring me right now.

** I saved the two above without a reference so if anyone knows the original source I would really apreciate it.

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