As promised here are the shots D took while I was looking around Merci. He asked permission and they said no problem as long as it was for non commercial purposes. Which it is unless they want to pay D to put these shots on their website as they are amazing! and to my surprise they have no shots of the lovely products they sell on their website. So…….. 😉

I love this shot above. Would you believe that is the front counter?


It’s my last day. 😦 I am very sad to leave Paris. Some lovely pics coming up soon once I go through the photos on my camera. I managed a visit to the wonderful shop Merci. I got a little over excited and only left with some tape and a stamp? But D got some lovely shots of the store while I drooled over everything. Coming soon. Here is the shot I took on my phone.

I like the idea of taking a long luxurious bath but always feel a little claustrophobic when I do. Its more to do with the heat of the water, I find it hard to breathe. Then there is little to do except look at the tiles or the ceiling. I know you’re suppose to relax but I just get all hot and bothered and bored. Is that weird? Anyway I have come up with a solution. I need a bathroom and view like this.

Image from Erhard Pfeiffer

I would be equally ok with this shower

Image from Paper Costumes

and then I could eat breakfast of fresh blueberries and yoghurt in my cosy breakfast nook

Images from TGH Architects

Here are some pics from the Bolig website

Love the colour scheme and art display in this room

Love the pops of colour in this house tour and the cushions on the sofa!

Love the wallpaper and pinky / purple light behind the mirror in this bathroom

and finally – love the brightness and full length window in this bathroom

I was trawling the Anthropologie website eyeing up their lovely shower curtains even though I don’t need a shower curtain when I spotted this amazing Lion jar. Very appropriate today as it just so happens to be my birthday. 🙂

So this post goes out to all those amazing Leos out there who are celebrating their birthday too!

lion from anthro

We were delighted when our landlord decided to renovate the bathroom, especially since my family will be here next week! Now I wasn’t on hand to ‘direct’ the design when it came to the tiles but I was pretty happy they went with white tiles for the wall and grey tiles for the floor. Plus we now have a glass screen so no more clingy shower curtains! Here is how it looks at the moment after some finishing touches by moi. (You can click here to see what it looked like before the makeover).

Wow! First spotted over on Desire to Inspire. I have no words. Claudia Bryant’s interiors are simply stunning. I love the set of gold and black interiors – so warm and sophisticated. And then she goes all girlie with the next lot of interiors and I love them too. And then you look further and she has a whole set of interiors which are just as amazing as her sophisticated and girlie interiors with pops of vibrant colour. She can do no wrong in my book.

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