Black is black

… I want my baby back. (ok now I am showing my age)

Yesterday I was drooling over white walls well today I am drooling over dark walls.

Pics from here. First spotted here.

  1. Anonymous said:

    Look great but is it not depressing after a while?

    • M said:

      Hi Anon, welcome. I guess when decorating any room you have to look at whether you can live with the choices long term(ish) and go from there. I think the thing that stops dark rooms from becoming depressing is the way you decorate them. You can lighten a dark room with light flooring, white shelving, white curtains and lots of vibrant textiles and art. Or go warm and cozy with the decor. I am living with light pink walls at the moment and would love some dark moody walls to decorate around. 🙂

  2. Laura said:

    It’s nice to have some words from you and above two pictures are also expressing your thoughts. I think every one has different thoughts. One of my friend had the same problem but he then got some white furniture to decorate and enlighten his room. I believe white can make any place very calm and relax whether it is for darkness or lightness. Anyway, thanks for sharing this.

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