A dreamy Clareville home

Yesterday I borrowed my mum’s ute. Thats right people my mum owns a ute (a type of pick up truck for any amercian readers). Its kind of funny because my mum looks like she should be driving a convertible sports car. But thats my mum and she ignored all our jokes and worries and went ahead with purchasing the ute. Now that ute is never empty.

Anyway getting back to the reason for this post. Yesterday I borrowed my mum’s ute and went to pick up two sun lounges from this gorgeous house in Clareville.

I didn’t take the sun lounges in the end but the trip out there was so worth it.

The house is just so so beautiful and such an amazing spot.

  1. Aoife said:

    Welcome back!! I’ve been sporadically checking your site over the months to see if you had any updates and was delighted to find this recent flurry of posts, keep it up!

  2. M said:

    Thanks Aoife, its good to be back. Talk to you on Saturday. x

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